Looking Back.

The year is almost over. It has been a long roller coaster ride for sure. I had thought of reviewing the year, month by month to go over all that happened. I don’t know if it really matters. I’ve had several learning experiences. I found this little video: Animaniacs – Good Idea Bad Ideas from show# 67, and laughed. Enjoy!

I know I’ve had a few bad ideas myself. I have had a couple of setbacks. I had a few personal disappointments and I know I have let a few people down. I have met some incredible people and built some amazing friendships too. I have had moments that I honestly did not want to continue breathing. I also had moments that made me realize that there is a point to the hardships, aside from character building and experience, in the end the hard times really allow me to fully appreciate the wonderful bits I do have. At least that is how I choose to interpret the wrenches that are flung at me. All in all, I do believe it was a good year.

Thinking of the year ahead. I have had a few ideas of things I should tend to. There are things out there that are beyond my control and so I must continue to have patience. I nervously eye the Magic 8 Ball, wondering if I should tempt a question. I want to, but I am honestly afraid of getting the answer I do not want to see.

I know it will be another demanding year, I just need to remind myself that it too can be realized with lots of hard work and perseverance.



Poly Weekly #136: You’re Poly–But None of Your Friends Are!

Relationships. Teehee. I really enjoyed the Poly Weekly podcast. I can relate. Its tough when you don’t have someone to share that “twitterpation”. I’ve felt that before and it is frustrating. It is rare when I’m fully excited about anything, and to be all sorts of excited and not be able to share makes me want to burst. Some things should not be contained, especially things that are so beautiful. (I love you my darling! :-P)

Polyobvious. I wish. I suppose it is the case on a few levels, but not completely. I just know that some would not be able to handle it. That’s okay because the people that matter already know.


So there’s looking back. Here’s to looking forward! Cheers!


~ by hopeinwa on December 30, 2007.

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